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Debbie Sue Featured On The Washington Post
Debbie Sue Przybysz Home St. Elmo


Our very own Debbie Sue Przybysz was recently featured on the front page of the Washington Post! Follow along on her remarkable journey restoring her 100-year-old craftsman bungalow in St. Elmo.

Purchased for an astounding $65,000, Debbie Sue Przybysz and her husband's historic bungalow came with original wood floors, an inviting stone porch, and an unfortunate burned-out hole in the roof.

This damaged relic had a story to tell, marred by a previous resident’s unfortunate mishap with a lighter and curtains. The fire left its marks, both overhead and below, but the Przybyszes saw beyond the damage to the home’s massive potential. The house, graced with beautiful Dutch lap wood siding on a corner lot, was their canvas.

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Photos: Ryan Dugger of Creative Revolver and Debbie Sue Przybysz.

Their bungalow is nestled in St. Elmo, a designated Local Historic District dating back to the 1870s. This neighborhood, perched on the eastern slope of Lookout Mountain, boasts a collection of adorable yet aging cottages, Gothic Revivals, and Tudors. Stone churches and stately Queen Anne-style homes line the charming St. Elmo Avenue, which runs adjacent to the Tennessee-Georgia state line.

While old homes come with their share of challenges, such as minimal insulation and potential toxins, their allure remains undeniable. The rise in housing costs has driven interest in older fixer-uppers, providing a unique route into homeownership. While the Przybyszes’ journey in St. Elmo has been transformative, the neighborhood’s landscape has also evolved due to this growing interest, with prices and demand skyrocketing.

Through her work, Debbie Sue embodies the spirit of preservation and the art of finding beauty in imperfection. Her journey, filled with dedication and a deep love for history, stands as an inspiration to all who value the stories homes can tell.