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July 2023 Real Estate Trends in Chattanooga
Chattanooga Home Sales Report


The current real estate market in Chattanooga is abuzz with activity. With inventory experiencing a dip, median sales prices on the rise, and insights into closed sales, this is a pivotal moment...
Chattanooga Home Sales Report

July Market Update

Welcome to our July 2023 Chattanooga Home Sales Report! The current real estate market in Chattanooga is abuzz with activity. With inventory experiencing a dip, median sales prices on the rise, and insights into closed sales, this is a pivotal moment for both potential buyers and sellers. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the specifics of the July home sales data, explore the advantages for those considering buying or selling, and shed light on the strengths of Chattanooga’s current real estate market.

Unveiling Chattanooga's Home Sales Trends

The real estate landscape in Chattanooga for July 2023 is a vibrant one. Inventory levels have taken a 14.2% dip compared to the previous month, indicating a heightened demand for housing. Median sales prices have seen a commendable uptick of 4.9% month-to-date and a solid 2.1% year-to-date growth, reflecting consistent property value appreciation. However, closed sales have experienced a temporary 16% decline month-to-date which could be attributed to limited inventory (not enough homes to sell) as well as the start of the school year and families getting settled into their preferred neighborhoods.

Why It's a Good Time to Buy:

The present market conditions in Chattanooga offer an encouraging outlook for potential buyers. Despite the incremental rise in median sales prices, the allure of historically low mortgage interest rates continues to make homeownership a viable option. The month-to-date surge of 4.9% in median sales prices, when considered alongside the year-to-date growth of 2.1%, signals potential long-term value appreciation. This could serve as a compelling incentive for buyers seeking a solid investment in Chattanooga’s evolving real estate scene.

Why It's a Good Time to Sell:

Sellers can capitalize on the market dynamics during this period. With inventory experiencing a 14.2% dip month-to-date, the supply-demand equilibrium leans in favor of sellers. The consistent increase in median sales prices, evident in the 4.9% rise month-to-date and the 2.1% growth year-to-date, potentially empowers sellers to secure attractive prices for their properties. With that said, the decline in closed sales might be a temporary phase as buyers continue to be drawn to the appealing features of Chattanooga and its real estate market.

Current Real Estate Market:

  1. Steady Appreciation: The consistent rise in median sales prices, both in the short term and year-to-date, underscores the market’s potential for sustained property value growth. This is a positive indicator for buyers interested in long-term investment.
  2. Robust Demand: Despite the temporary setback in closed sales, the overall demand for homes remains robust. The 14.2% month-to-date decrease in inventory highlights the strong interest among potential buyers.
  3. Investment Opportunity: The upward trajectory in property values presents a promising opportunity for real estate investors. With a 4.9% month-to-date increase and a 2.1% year-to-date uptick in median sales prices, investors have a chance to tap into Chattanooga’s potential for solid returns on investment.
  4. Seller’s Advantage: The combination of reduced inventory and rising median sales prices creates favorable conditions for sellers. This enables them to negotiate competitive deals and potentially secure higher-than-expected sale prices.

Our July 2023 Chattanooga Home Sales Report provides insight into the dynamic nature of the current real estate market. With declining inventory, rising median sales prices, and glimpses into closed sales, both buyers and sellers have opportunities aligned with their objectives. As the market continues its upward trends and balances supply and demand, Chattanooga’s real estate market demonstrates its potential as an attractive investment destination. Whether you’re considering entering the market as a buyer or seller, the current conditions underscore the advantages of exploring Chattanooga’s real estate offerings at this opportune moment.

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