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Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly and at the Right Price


Once you make the decision to sell your home, take the time to make the right choices, before putting your home on the market. Stop and consider these tips first.

Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly and at the Right Price

When you finally decide to sell your home, it can feel like closing the deal can't come soon enough. Unfortunately, many people rush to market too quickly and leave money on the table, or even worse, they sabotage themselves out of a quick sale.

If you’re ready to start listing your home, stop and consider these tips first.

1. Get a Property Inspection Early

Before you even consider listing, you need to get a property inspection. A good inspection will let you know what changes are needed to save your property from drops in value. These are problems buyers might find when looking, and that could seriously hurt your chances of making a good profit.

This is also a good time to stop and consider how much you’re willing to invest to update. A new roof is a high price but has a great return on investment, while finishing an unfinished basement isn’t always worth it.


2. Work With a Professional to Form a Plan

Don’t do this alone! Working with a good realtor or real estate agent can make a world of difference. These professionals know what buyers want and have experience turning any property into someone’s dream home.

Remember to look up reviews ahead of time and seek out someone you can trust for reliable information. If you hire the wrong person, you might be stuck with information that’s outdated, or that doesn’t apply to your specific situation.

3. Take Care of Reasonable Repairs

Remember that not every repair needs to be completed as long as you’re transparent about it. If there’s a crack in the pavement, that’s an easy fix that you can complete within a week, but you don’t necessarily have to drop $30,000 to replace a house full of windows if you can repair them instead. 
Set a budget for yourself, and remember, a good rule of thumb is to avoid spending more than ten percent of your home’s value in any one specific area of it. This can help keep your return on investment high.

4. Add Comfortable Spaces Where Necessary

One thing most buyers are looking for in the mid-2020s is specific-use areas. This means a home office that’s already soundproofed and set up with the best wifi on the property. It could also mean taking the time to look at the best screws for deck boards so you can create an outdoor entertainment space unlike any other.

Make sure this feels like a home where someone could move in and immediately create something incredible.


5. Deep Clean and Stage Your Property

Deep cleaning and staging are key actions. Not only does a staged home usually sell faster, but it often sells for more money than its unstaged counterpart would. You don’t have to buy a ton of staging furniture; most cities have companies that will rent furniture out to you or even stage it themselves and rent the property to you until you sell.

Deep cleaning is also a must because you want people to picture their lives here as clearly as possible. Nobody wants to see grime and dust when they’re thinking about moving in. Rent residential dumpsters for this part to save yourself a lot of trouble.


6. Put Curb Appeal to Use

Curb appeal is king and is what gets people in through the front door. While you’re looking up how to waterproof under a deck, you should also look into what native plants are popular in your area.

Native plants are better for the environment, have lower maintenance, and look like a continuation of nature when they’re in your yard. You can take this further and use native grass as well, but that depends on what your HOA allows.


7. Consider the Local Competition

Look at comparable homes in your area! Competition is real, so it’s important to stop and look at what others are doing right or wrong. Are other sellers staying on the market for months because of poor curb appeal? Do you notice that homes with updated HVAC systems tend to sell faster? Learn from the hard work others have already put in so you can save yourself a little trouble.


8. Create a Winning Listing

Your listing needs to pull people in! Give buyers a reason to be excited about your home. Show off the best details, and make it seem like your property could solve all of their problems if they decided to buy it. Work with a professional photographer who can take awesome pictures.



You Can Create a Fast Seller In No Time

Whether this is the first property you’ve ever sold or you want to streamline the process beyond what it is right now, consider following these tips! Keeping an open mind and working with Bridge to Brow will help you sell your home quickly.


Author Bio: 

Sam Willis is a freelance writer that loves sharing his knowledge and expertise in residential and commercial real estate, as well as engineering and construction. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia where he enjoys spending time with his wife and researching real estate trends in his free time. Sam’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a construction industry resource site.