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September 2023 Real Estate Trends in Chattanooga
Home Sales Report September 2023


Chattanooga's real estate market maintains its vigor! This update outlines the key trends for September 2023, showcasing exciting prospects for both sellers and buyers.
Home Sales Report September 2023

September Market Update

Welcome to our September 2023 Chattanooga Home Sales Report!

As the autumn leaves begin to fall in Chattanooga, the city’s real estate market remains a hub of opportunity. September brings with it a market that is both dynamic and promising, with inventory down 11.5% month-to-date and a steadfast median sales price of $321,900. This report will explore the recent trends in September, shedding light on the exciting prospects available to both sellers and buyers in the present real estate landscape.

Why It's a Good Time to Buy:

Buyers have reasons to be optimistic in Chattanooga’s real estate market:

Stable Market:
Stable Market: The days on market have held steady at 31 days, providing buyers with ample time to explore the market and make well-informed decisions.

Investment Potential:
The 9.3% MTD decrease in pending transactions presents potential opportunities for buyers to discover hidden gems in the market.


Historically low mortgage interest rates persist, making homeownership accessible and appealing in the current market climate.

Why It's a Good Time to Sell:

Sellers continue to enjoy a favorable market environment:

Supply-Demand Dynamics:
A decrease of 11.5% MTD in inventory implies a sustained demand for homes. This reduced supply strengthens sellers’ positions, potentially leading to competitive prices.

Steady Value:
The median sales price remains stable at $321,900, offering sellers a reliable benchmark for property pricing. Despite the temporary drop in closed sales, this stability suggests long-term value growth.

Negotiating Advantage:
With reduced inventory, sellers have increased negotiating power, allowing for competitive deals and advantageous terms.

Current Real Estate Market Overview:

The Chattanooga real estate market in September 2023 continues to offer compelling opportunities:

Resilient Growth:
Chattanooga demonstrates consistent property value growth, ensuring long-term stability for buyers and investors.

Demand Resilience:
Despite the temporary dip in closed sales and decrease in pending transactions, the market remains resilient, driven by the city’s desirability as a real estate destination.

Investment Prospects:
The combination of stable median sales prices and the current market conditions provides investors with opportunities for promising returns on their investments.

Chattanooga’s real estate market in September 2023 remains a dynamic and evolving landscape. Sellers can take advantage of reduced inventory and stable prices, while buyers can explore the stable market conditions and investment potential. The city continues to shine as an attractive real estate destination, offering something for everyone. As the market progresses, these opportunities are expected to further evolve, providing advantages for those engaging in the market this season.

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