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We are Sarah Brogdon and Davey Horsman, your neighborhood realtors. We are one of the top-selling real estate groups in North Chattanooga, and in Riverview especially. You can count on us to provide our neighborhood with the most up-to-date sales data and hyper-local knowledge. If you are thinking about buying or selling in the Chattanooga area, please keep us in mind. We would be honored to earn your business and referrals.


Good news for both buyers & sellers! Our local prices remain stable, and have continued to increase year over year compared to 2021 numbers.

In that sense, there’s never been a better time to sell. This market is unique in that it’s also favorable to purchasers, who are not likely to see lower prices in the future. Consensus in the market is that Chattanooga, much like other mid-sized cities, has been undervalued for decades. The explosive appreciation we experienced in the midst of the pandemic resulted from a confluence of factors: more people working remotely meant people could live anywhere. As a state with no income tax and affordable cost of living, Tennessee became a haven for people fleeing urban centers. In particular, Chattanooga, with our high speed internet, access to outdoor recreation, and vibrant downtown, became one of the hottest destinations for people relocating in the last few years.

While low inventory means we remain in a seller’s market, rising interest rates to curb inflation have begun to have a dampening effect on demand. Some homebuyers have been forced to reconsider their budgets, and we are seeing the return of seller concessions to the negotiation process. We continue to experience strong demand and regular multiple-offer situations, though fewer than we’ve seen in the past two years. Life goes on and people continue to need to move for a variety of reasons. Fannie Mae predicts mortgage interest rates will drop to 4.5% in 2023, which is expected to reinvigorate the market. Smart buyers are still active in the market with the knowledge that prices are not forecasted to lower, and that mortgage loans can be refinanced if and when rates do fall. If you are considering a move, let’s talk about putting current market dynamics to work for you. We would be honored to be your trusted resource.

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